Unsure where to get started?

We’ve done all the hard work for you by comparing the functionality and pricing of the key apps: Dext (previously Receipt Bank), Hubdoc and AutoEntry (be aware that this functionality is already built-in within Xero).

Take a look at our handy comparison guide here

When assessing which automations are right for your business it’s important to consider your specific requirements, as well as your ability to get it set up properly…

We often hear business owners initially liking the idea, then quickly realising that they haven’t actually got time to implement these amazing tools – because they’re always too busy running the business. This usually results in mutterings along the lines of:

“Let’s not do it – it’s too difficult / risky / time consuming…”

“I don’t understand it / have the time – and the benefit is too small…”

Wait! Is it?

How much do you actually pay your bookkeeper or administrator to enter supplier invoices into your accounting system? How much time does that take each week or month? Take what you pay them per hour, and add at least 20% on top of that for employment costs, then multiply that by the time it takes… Our clients typically find they make a return on investment in month 2 – after that, the cost saving all goes to the bottom line. Result!

Take the time to review and implement one of these fantastically time-saving accounting automations and you won’t look back.

You’ll soon discover that it unlocks a whole host of benefits that come with professionalising your systems:

  • Increases efficiency (cost savings)
  • Improves profits and cashflow
  • Reduces mistakes (and business risk)
  • Saves people’s time around the business
  • Makes your life easier, full stop!

Automations like this can often be used as a quick fix. But longer term, they also become valued business assets – because those businesses that have effective ways of doing business are worth more and make more money.

Get in touch if you’d like a little extra support to make sure you’re taking advantage of the automations on offer.

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