Know your customers (and your risk).

First things first, understanding your customers is key to protecting your cashflow. Selling to someone and offering them credit terms is lending them money – so be more “bank”!

You need to know who you’re dealing with, do a credit check, and set clear payment terms from the start. Take the time to do your research on your clients, trust your instincts and make informed decisions. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your cash.

Make every deal count.

Landing a deal might feel like a victory, but is it really worth it it’s not profitable? Before diving headfirst into any agreement, crunch the numbers so you can be sure it’s worthwhile. Negotiate terms that work in your favour and make sure every deal adds value to your bottom line.

Sometimes it’s better to walk away empty-handed. It’s all about maximising your ROI and avoiding those costly financial pitfalls!

Embrace credit control (it’s your best friend!).

Think of credit control as your trusty sidekick in the battle against cashflow problems. Setting up robust credit control processes can help you stay on top of overdue invoices, minimise bad debt and make sure you’re getting paid on time. Set clear payment terms, send out reminders for overdue payments, and don’t be afraid to chase down those late payers (nicely, of course!).

Be bold.

When it comes to getting paid on time, don’t be shy! Remind your customers of their payment obligations and escalate matters if necessary. Your business’ survival depends on maintaining a healthy cashflow, so don’t let late payments slide under the radar.

How can we help?

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Stay tuned for the next part in our series, where we’ll delve deeper into financial management tips and tricks for businesses just like yours!

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