Strategies and tactics for scaling your business

In this short video, Jennifer Raines, MD & Founder of YRH Finance Team shares the typical finance growth inhibitors for SMEs and how to put in place a finance structure that will help you scale, without the growing pains.

How to keep your business safe with simple financial controls

Limiting exposure to risk is key for any business and when it comes to your finances there are a few simple process controls you can put in place to keep your business safe. In this short video Alicia Offord, YRH Financial Controller, discusses these measures.

How to automate your data entry

Here Gayle Douglas, a YRH Financial Controller, explains how to automate your data entry using Dext (previously known as Receipt Bank) and why it is an essential part of an effective finance function.

How to improve your cashflow

Lisanne Dawson, Finance Manager at YRH Finance Team explains how to get paid by customers on time, every time and how to improve your cashflow using GoCardless.