What is a KPI?

A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a measurable value that helps businesses evaluate their progress toward achieving specific business objectives or goals.  KPIs are measurable and are used to monitor and track the performance of various aspects of a business, project, or process over time. They provide valuable insights into the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success of a business.


Different industries and functions within an organisation will have their own set of KPIs based on their specific goals and targets.  For example, Sales Departments may track revenue growth and customer acquisition, while Customer Support Teams may focus on response times and customer satisfaction rates.


Why quality and accuracy are so important

The accuracy and reliability of management information and KPIs are paramount.  Business owners rely on this data to make decisions that can have significant impacts on the organisation’s performance and success.


As we have already mentioned, the most significant KPIs for a business will vary depending on the industry, company objectives, and specific areas of focus.  However, generally speaking, the below best practice will set you on the right path for KPI success and empower your business to stay competitive, adapt to changing market conditions and drive growth.

  1. Identify Relevant KPIs and Align them with your Strategy: This is fundamental because if you’re not measuring the right things, your management information won’t provide the insights you need.  The KPIs should not only be relevant to your business operations but also aligned with your strategic goals to ensure you’re on the right track.
  2. Ensure Data Quality: Quality data is the foundation of useful management information and accurate KPIs.  Without rigorous, consistent and accurate data collection processes, your reports and insights won’t reflect reality, leading to misguided decision-making.
  3. Use a Dashboard and Automated Reporting Tools: Implementing a digital dashboard and automated reporting can significantly enhance the visibility and accessibility of your KPI’s.  It enables real-time tracking and can dramatically improve the efficiency of your reporting process, allowing more time for analysis and decision-making.


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