Specific expertise for growing SMEs

We specialise in working with SME owners who are growing their businesses. Because we know that those businesses typically get to a stage where they outgrow their accounting support – and that that invariably holds the business back, often causing multiple headaches for the directors. We’re experts in helping businesses push through those pain points. What’s more, over the years, we’ve developed a proven system that we use for professionalising accounting functions so that SME businesses can grow more efficiently, effectively and successfully.

We’ve taken all the best practices that the most successful corporate companies embrace and re-designed them specifically for SME companies, removing the blockers that hold you back. We’ve also partnered with all the main SME accounting system providers and app providers, so you benefit from working with people who know the best tech for your specific business to use.

Full-time commitment – part-time cost

Working on-site, remotely or as a combination of both, we work seamlessly with your business and existing team on a part-time basis, to introduce a streamlined in-house accounting function that not only adopts accounting best practice but also perfectly matches the stage of growth and needs of your business.

You’re able to call on high-calibre finance expertise on a flexible, affordable basis, plus all the support of a wider team of over 150 experienced finance professionals – giving you the benefit of an unbeatable breadth and depth of skills that you’d never be able to access if recruiting on a full-time or direct basis.

Working closely with you, we’ll help you embed YRH best practice into your company, forever. All of which will result in improved business performance, with increased profitability and cashflow, reduced business risk, a weight off your shoulders – and the freedom to focus on the jobs you love to do.

Getting started


It starts with a conversation. We want to hear all about you, your current frustrations, what you feel might need to change and where you want to take your business. Then, we can explore how your finance function needs to adapt to support you as you grow.

We’ll thoroughly review your finance function, mapping your processes, controls and systems against the tried and tested YRH best practice framework. This will help to get you benchmarked against your peers in 12 key areas – so you can see where and how you can gain ground or get a competitive edge.


Finally, we’ll develop a personal roadmap for your business and agree the level of support you’ll need on the journey. We’ll have your back from day one, taking care of optimising your finance function for you, so you can transform with confidence – free to focus on what you do best.

Why SME business owners choose to work with us

Best practice for growing businesses

We know first-hand that ambitious SMEs face complex challenges as they grow – which is why we’ve developed the YRH best practice framework. Designed specifically for SMEs, our framework carefully blends the best practice finance processes found in the corporate world with all the added flexibility and nuances that the owners of smaller businesses need. The result is a proven system that we’ll help you implement in your company or organisation your way, to optimise your finance function (and your business practices) – so you can more easily identify new opportunities, create a realistic goal for every ambition, eliminate your growing pains and achieve your aspirations.

There are no bean counters here

Your business needs so much more experience and expertise than any local accountant can ever offer. Each and every one of our 150 finance professionals has come from a corporate, commercial background, meaning their focus is on helping you increase your profit and cash – and providing a clear view and understanding about what your numbers really mean for your business, now and in the future. The great part? You’re able to access these important and hugely experienced SME finance specialists on a part-time basis in an affordable and scalable way. So you can unlock the right balance of expertise and insight for your specific business – from people you wouldn’t find in a traditional local accounting firm, that bring a role and skills to your work that you’d be unlikely to be able to access if recruiting on a direct or full-time basis.

All the support your business needs

150 heads are better than 1. Our unique team-based approach means that when you work with YRH, you not only benefit from the expertise of your own in-house YRH principal but also the team of 150 finance experts behind them. Because YRH is part of the Liberti Group, a global leader in supporting SMEs by providing fractional expertise across multiple disciplines, you also have access to our extensive partner network of specialist businesses – all focused on helping you do what you do best. Becoming part of our business community brings other benefits too. We always try to identify potential synergies with other clients to provide new sales, marketing and services connections and opportunities.

Streamlined tech to suit you – not us

We’ve purposefully partnered with all three main SME accounting systems (Sage, Xero and Quickbooks), plus many other app providers, because we want to adopt an agnostic approach to all things technology. When it comes to selecting streamlined tech that will best suit your needs, we don’t recommend favourite solutions that we feel will make our lives a little easier. We’ll check what’s out there and help you find the system that’s right for your business, now and in the future. We invest heavily in keeping up to date with all the latest accounting software, systems and apps, so we always know the potential pros and cons for your business – meaning you don’t have to.

Customer satisfaction to shout about

We’re proud to have an NPS score of 50 – more than double the average client satisfaction score within the accounting industry (according to a Xero Pacesetters Report). Speak to our clients and they’ll tell you that stems from our dedication to providing supportive professional relationships and impressive business results. We’re here to make the lives of SME business owners easier – it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Finding the right fit for your business

While we’d love to be able to answer the needs of every SME business, sometimes it’s just not a match for the specialist expertise we can offer. We know that we’re typically able to add the most value to growing businesses with a turnover of £1m+. And that our skills and approach are particularly suited to those business owners who are frustrated and feeling the need for changes because they might have outgrown their current finance function. Whatever stage of growth your business is at, whatever the expertise of your stakeholders and employees, whatever your challenges or the business sector you operate within, we’re here to help and always happy to have a chat about whether we could be the right fit for you. And if we’re not, we’ll point you in the right direction or connect you elsewhere within our network.

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