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How data collection affects decision-making

Do you know which clients, products or services generate cash flow and the most profit for your business each month? Do you know what your sales conversion rates are through your sales funnel?

If you haven’t got the facts about your financial standing and your break even analysis at your fingertips, you won’t know where the levers are that you can press to optimise your finances – which means you’re letting profit bleed off your balance sheet.

If you have the financial information your business needs and understand how your profitability and budgeting is affected at an individual client, product or service level, and you have key operations and performance metrics that work for every department, you’re able to get a better picture of your financial health – and better see where you’re on track or off track.

And those insights into your company’s financial position allows you to make informed decisions about how to achieve your future aspirations. 

5 valuable benefits of investing in financial planning and analysis services


Acquire easy income statement, costs, revenue and profits understanding around which clients, products or services make the most (or least) money for you today.


Remove the guesswork, and optimise your business’s financial growth and future profit.


Gain confidence about making the best business decision on where to focus your time to achieve maximum results.


Implement analysis service expertise to help keep everyone connected to your business objectives, to stay ahead of the game – and your competitors.


Use data insights and your financial statements to make well-informed decisions that help you and your team to grow your company.

“YRH really got under the skin of our business and helped us to see where we’re really making money (and not!). They provided us with relevant and understandable management information, helping us build a business which has delivered mind blowing growth year on year for the last 3 years.”

Founder, Media agency


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Know your numbers to grow your business

Download the report to find out how meaningful management information can help you optimise your profits and cashflow from what you already have.


  • What is management information and why do you need it?
  • How to access and harness the information you need
  • How to develop a scalable finance function to enable business growth
  • Case studies: the impact of management information on three SME businesses
  • Common myths and misconceptions about the finance function
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