There’s no point paying your local accountant for handling your quarterly VAT returns when it’s a task that can be easily managed by your in-house finance team and checking it (a 10-minute job) becomes part of your part-time financial controller’s responsibilities.

Simply get the right systems and integrations in place, and the support of a qualified internal financial controller to enable your in-house capability, and you can cut that unnecessary accountancy fee from your cost base. You can reduce filing fines, alleviate the threat of investigations and maybe even discover new ways to maximise the amount of VAT you claim against expenses.

With the right level of VAT filing support for your specific business needs, you can make this essential finance function work in an optimal way for you – while ensuring HMRC is kept happy at all times.

5 benefits of being able to exploit in-house VAT returns expertise


Improve profitability by cutting the cost of unnecessary accountancy support.


Maximise the ability to claim back VAT on all the expenses you’re entitled to and reduce the risk of claiming VAT back on items you shouldn’t be.


Make sure you’re treating sales to, and purchases from, overseas properly, as VAT complexity has increased after Brexit.


Be confident of never missing another deadline to eliminate the risk of late filing fines.


Reduce the threat (and the associated time, cost and stress) of an HMRC investigation.

“I couldn't ask for more, YRH come with innovative solutions, simplify complex processes and are not afraid to come forward with suggestions – they have cleaned up payroll and pensions, have a handle on VAT and our cashflow is improving!”

CEO, Technology provider


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