If you fail to file in a timely and accurate way, your business could be at risk of penalty fines for late submissions, errors or unpaid taxes. Not to mention the last-minute panic and disruption to other important business activities that a looming deadline can cause. Or you could be missing an opportunity to take advantage of additional, legitimate tax savings.

Does your accountant know enough about your day-to-day business to be able to advise you on these opportunities and risks? Who’s responsible for compliance? Who checks that records are up to date with HMRC? Is it your accountant or a member of your team? And what is that costing you? These are all important questions to ask yourself. As the business owner, it’s ultimately you who is liable – so make sure you have the right support and robust and streamlined systems in place.

5 fundamental benefits of implementing streamlined compliance and tax systems


Stop paying over the odds for year-end accounts and tax filing support from your accountant.


Remove any risk of penalty fines caused by late or inaccurate tax filings or missed payments.


Ease the burden of having to manage multiple relationships – often with conflicting advice.


Get the right advice when you need it and take advantage of savings when they’re available.


Enjoy peace of mind that your business is always safe, up to date and fully compliant.

“I couldn't ask for more, YRH come with innovative solutions, simplify complex processes and are not afraid to come forward with suggestions – they have cleaned up payroll and pensions, have a handle on VAT and our cashflow is improving!”

CEO, Technology provider


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