Existing staff are unlikely to be able to fix this problem, because the next stage in the accounts team evolution is uncharted territory for them. What’s needed is an experienced financial controller who can design and, more importantly, implement positive changes to how your back-office works. They can do this because they’ve worked at a senior level in a corporate business – the traditional leaders in best practice. The key is to access this expertise for only the amount of time you actually need, which is where we come in.

Using systems properly, finding ways to improve profit and cashflow, minimising business risks and generating meaningful management intelligence are all key elements of sustainable business success. But all of these activities flow through your finance team. So you need to nurture some of your best assets by ensuring they’re optimally organised, managed and developed for the way your business works.

5 benefits of organising, managing and developing your finance team in an optimal way


Get the right balance of expertise, in the right way and at the right time for your business – so you can grow pain-free.


Remove the pressure on your staff to handle tasks they’re not actually qualified to undertake.


Make sure things are done in a timely, professional way to enhance profit and cashflow.


Eliminate inaccuracies and mistakes that take extra time, effort and cost to correct.


Gain peace of mind (and more family time) with a finance team that’s capable and competent.

“YRH has provided a cost-effective means of bolstering our capability and capacity in finance as well as enhancing the knowledge and skills of our budget managers.”

John Biggin OBE, COO, The Forward Trust


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