What challenges were the company facing before working with YRH Finance Team?

Before YRH came on board, we faced significant challenges with the reliability of our financial processes and reporting. We’d recently bought our bookkeeping back in house and we were working in an overly complicated and poorly executed way, which often resulted in late and unreliable financial information.

Adding to that pressure, a full time member of the team decided to leave the company which left us with a gap at quite a critical time. So we needed a quick solution to support with the accounts while we were considering what our medium term options were, along with getting some good process and confidence back in the numbers.

Please describe the support/ solutions YRH Finance Team implemented

YRH worked for us to define the type of support that we needed and Lyn joined us just over a year ago now. She very quickly established her credibility.

She was personable and professional, and almost immediately, she felt like one of the team. She took a really proactive approach to establishing best practice process, quickly resolved a lot of the noise which had been preventing us from reporting credibly.

One of her particular strengths was her comfort in posing challenging questions. So asking us why we did something a certain way and helping us to agree on what better looked like.

She’s got really strong relationships with the wider management team and all the budget holders. When she’s not focused on month end and supporting them, she has worked tirelessly on tidying our very messy balance sheets.

What are the benefits now seen?

Lyn has become a really integral and trusted member of the team and we’re now delivering timely and reliable management information and our department managers are far better equipped to understand the numbers and make informed decisions based on those.

We’re in a great position to kick off our year end, which will likely be far quicker and pain free, more so than it ever has been in the past.

YRH Finance Team and Lyn specifically have helped us gain far better overview of our financial health and given us that confidence in our financial integrity.

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