How has YRH Finance Team helped your business?

Well, we called in YRH when our accountant left quite suddenly at the beginning of the lockdown period, and they were able to take over very smoothly. Although we were working remotely and we never actually met them, they took over very smoothly and got things running, kept things running for us. And they were also able to help us with setting up paperless procedures using Hubdoc and Xero, which again made things much easier for us. We also found that they had a good level of expertise in other areas, apart from general accounting, for example, the R&D tax credits. And again, that was a great use for us as a small business.

Describe working with YRH in 3 words

Well, I think I’d say working with YRH has been hassle free. They’ve got very good working processes and send us details at the end of each day as to what they’ve done. And that’s useful. So three words: hassle free and good working processes.

What has been the biggest benefit of accessing finance expertise on a part-time basis?

We get a higher level of accounting expertise than we would have done if we’d hired a bookkeeper, for example, on a part time basis, certainly, and it’s there for us to call on as when we need it. So that’s been very useful to us, especially as a small business. Once needs change as we grow, and so they’re able to adapt to that.

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