How has YRH Finance Team helped your business?

So before using YRH I never really had control of all my numbers. And I wanted to put something into my business where I knew where I was at any given time. Today, now using them for, gosh, I don’t know how long a good year and a bit, maybe even two years. I know where I am. I get a management pack every month. I know my numbers. I have them clearly in my head. So if anyone asked me what my net profit was, what my GP was, what my overheads are I just know. And that’s something I never had before using YRH.

Describe working with YRH in 3 words

So three words I’d use to describe YRH, I’d say, was efficient, friendly and also very supportive.

What has been the biggest benefit of accessing finance expertise on a part-time basis?

So the biggest benefit of having this expertise on a part time basis, I think is I wouldn’t obviously be able to afford a full time management accountant or I wouldn’t say a finance director, but someone who has that senior management role within my business. So I’ve now got that, and it is affordable on a monthly basis. I also have a bookkeeper as well. Um, but I would have thought that I wouldn’t have had without YRH again, that sort of experience and level of expertise within my business, so that’s definitely the major benefit of that.

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