How has YRH Finance Team helped your business?

YRH Finance Team thank you so, so much. Since you started working with us, it’s completely changed the financial operations in our business. It’s interesting because when I first contacted you, I said to you that we’re a business with around a million pound turnover and we have the same accounting processes as when we were doing 200 – 250k. So we knew we needed help. It was the blind leading the blind a little bit. But the expertise that you guys brought to our business has been invaluable, so thank you very, very much.

Describe working with YRH in 3 words

So three words to describe working with YRH Finance Team, I would say ‘reassuring’, ‘expertise’ and ‘easy’.

What has been the biggest benefit of accessing finance expertise on a part-time basis?

So the biggest benefit I think of partnering with YRH Finance Team is, knowing that you’ve always got someone to go to. So it’s sped up our operations on the financial side of the business a lot. It’s been, I guess, the biggest benefit from my perspective as the business owner is peace of mind. So I haven’t got to worry about it. I’ll speak to our bookkeeper, our in house bookkeeper if we are unsure, about anything, and we get onto our consultant at YRH Finance Team and the issue goes away very quickly.

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