What challenges were you facing before you started working with YRH Finance Team?

We were in a bit of a mess, operationally, if I’m very honest. We lack the skill sets, we lacked the expertise to manage finances. We are Smplicity Consulting. We are a salesforce partner. We are very good at what we do. However, in terms of building the right cashflow and the right invoices, processes, we didn’t have time or the right amount of focus to be able to do it, we were just there for our clients. So we lost some track of, uh, increasing the efficiency on our financial processes. Yeah. So to be completely honest, it was a bit of a mess. We needed someone to help. We needed the right guidance in the first place, not only helping on the, just putting the right mechanism in place. But we also needed someone to guide myself as the entrepreneur and business owner running the business, without much of financial skill set and needed someone to support.

Describe the difference YRH's support has made to your business and you personally

Well the difference YRH made to our business is huge. Smplicity probably would never have been in the same position if we didn’t hire, YRH’s services. The financial controller I work with, we’ve been working together in the business for the last few years, and I’ll be honest, I don’t even check the invoices because they provide such value and it’s worth every single penny. And they’ve made a huge difference in my own personal life because they will work in the time I have available. As you know, running a business can be quite hard. You don’t have enough time to do everything, but they will be there all the time.

How would you describe YRH Finance Team's approach?

They’re not really, they’re not just transactional at all, if I may say so. They’re very heavy on relationship, very quality relationship that will build and that will help you throughout the whole journey in your business.

How do you feel about working with YRH Finance Team?

Well I have only good things to say about YRH, especially the finance team, which is the part I work very closely with, they give me the right confidence that I needed to run the business, knowing that someone is there at a call away at any time, and they will pick up. Knowing that gives me a lot of confidence. And as you know, as you run a business, it gets hard. You need to have a good network of people around you and good advisors, sound advice. And with what we have from YRH, they’ve been brilliant. So there’s a great level of trust there, and I know they’ll now, they’ll not only tell me things I want to hear, they’ll tell me things that I don’t want to hear as well. They’ll make it, you have real sound advice from those people, and it’s a great team to work with. I feel I can trust them very well.

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