How does it work?

Answer a series of quick-fire questions to reveal your Finance Function Health-Check score.

This Health-Check has been developed to quickly and painlessly provide you with a finance function score based on your answers.

In around 10 minutes you will generate results with personalised feedback and practical suggestions on how to improve your finance and accounting operations.

No jargon, no number crunching, just some simple questions to help you identify your key finance function challenges. And in turn, present you with the opportunity to take practical steps to address those challenges. All of which, enables you to make more cash, more profit at lower risk!

Please note – you will not be asked to provide any financial details – the Health-Check will simply ask you about the operations of your Finance Function.

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How your finance function will be scored

The Health-Check will assess the following three key areas of your finance function.

Financial Management

Making the everyday management of your finances more manageable, means you are free to focus on running and building your business

Function Systems

Streamlined systems, processes and controls ensures that your team aren't left floundering and your cashflow doesn't slow down.


Good quality management information reports, along with robust forecasts and budgets, are essential to helping a business thrive.

The Finance Function Health-Check

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