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We know what we’re good at – and it’s not everything! But we do want to help SME business owners tackle those other niggling problems that keep cropping up in business where we can.

Our clients tell us that part of the added value of working with YRH is being able to access our ‘little black book’ of problem solvers across other business functions – and we love it when we can connect clients across disciplines too.

Our Liberti sister companies

YRH Finance Team is proud to be part of The Liberti Group, the number 1 global provider of high-calibre, part-time professionals specifically for SMEs. The Liberti Group is dedicated to helping SME business owners achieve their aspirations through championing the value of bringing in part-time professionals across a variety of business disciplines – all via a family of brands that shares the same philosophy.

The Marketing Centre

The Marketing Centre is the number 1 provider of experienced part-time Marketing Directors to ambitious SME companies, working to help them grow. The team have been Marketing Directors in large, successful businesses and offer a wealth of experience across many sectors.

Freeman Clarke

Freeman Clarke is the UK’s largest, most experienced team of fractional IT Directors, CIOs, CTOs and CISOs, working exclusively in the mid-market sector. They focus on aligning technology with your business strategy; lead IT innovation; manage your IT staff and suppliers; and ensure value, reliability and continuity.

People Puzzles

People Puzzles is a team of hand-picked People Directors who have worked with a wide range of businesses to bring about positive change and help businesses to grow through their people. With individual specialisms and proven ability they help your business to scale rapidly; increase profits and hit financial targets faster. They take away the ‘people’ stress and allow you to focus on what you do best.

The CFO Centre is the world’s number 1 provider of part-time FDs/CFOs, helping ambitious entrepreneurs define their boldest ambitions and then build the financial/operational foundations so that the dream becomes a reality.


Kiss the Fish provide senior expert Sales Coaching, Training & Sales Directors on a part time or temporary basis to medium-to-large businesses. They have the skills, expertise and the energy to help clients hit their targets and exceed expectations. Their goal is to achieve the highest return on your investment.

Our wider network

We can also connect you to specialist support offered beyond The Liberti Group. Because we’re committed to helping SME owners achieve their business (and life) ambitions, we work with a number of trusted partners in other fields, helping you access the support you need. These include:

Elephants Child

Elephants Child are Business Growth Advisors working with UK SME businesses. They focus business leaders to develop their business, maximise growth, drive value and enjoy profit. Their team of advisors bring skills, knowledge and expertise from real-world business experience.


Shipleys are professional business advisers and Chartered tax accountants. Providing accounting, audit, and a range of specialist tax services to help businesses and individuals thrive.

We’re hiring!
Join our team…

YRH Finance Team is a well-established firm of accounting and finance experts. Our HQ is in Surrey but we have an expanding national presence. We’re bucking the accounting industry trend by continuing to grow at more than 30% every year, as UK SME owner clients realise the commercial impact we can make on their business success and on their personal lives.

As we grow our existing regions and launch new regions around the UK, we’re always looking for talented people to join our team – accounting and finance specialists who are passionate about supporting SME business owners and helping them be more successful and feel happier.

Sounds interesting? To find out more about how we work, visit our dedicated careers site – and let’s have a chat.

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