The support that SMEs really need

“I started YRH Finance Team back in 2007 after years of working in corporates and SMEs, and seeing how SMEs couldn’t access good accounting support – the kind of support that was focused on commercial upsides (profit and cashflow) rather than just bean-counting and reporting to the Government.

Before YRH, I kept seeing frustrated business owners of SME companies getting ‘stuck’ because their accounting support, often a bookkeeper and accountant who focussed on managing paperwork and tax returns, just wasn’t evolving to give the business what it needed as it grew.

It broke my heart that I was meeting so many business owners who had lost the joy in their business and felt trapped by it, just because the business wasn’t generating the expected profits, the cashflow was a problem, and they didn’t know what they could do to change the situation.

But that’s my specialism, which I’ve developed over 30 years of creating and running finance functions in hundreds of businesses, of all sizes and varying stages of business growth. I developed a best practice, ‘The YRH Way’, which underpins how each and every one of our team works, and focuses on using the numbers in a way that removes the financial stress and frustration for business owners so they can get on with the stuff they’re amazing at and fall back in love with their company, while we take on the hassle of managing the money.

I want business owners to know that, when they hit these challenges, it’s an easy (and smart) decision to bring in specialist support from friendly and commercially-experienced finance people, who focus on the money and the returns. People who will work in-house on a part-time basis, as part of their own team, sitting alongside existing staff, who are used to using the numbers for good –  helping improve profit margins and cashflow while reducing and managing business risk.

I firmly believe the accounting and finance industry needs to wake up and recognise that SME owners make up the most important business community – and it’s time the accounting profession gave SMEs the respect and the support they really deserve.

With YRH, I’m trying to do just that, one business at a time.”

Jennifer Raines
Founder, YRH Finance Team

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